Business Development & Strategic Initiatives


Many large and great business houses also sometimes fail to understand the scope and growth horizon prevalent in the industry which other peers might be following.


The only solution for this is growing a business beyond its current state by giving business ideas, aiming for new initiatives making a business better vide Business Development. This is an ever-evolving and crucial aspect for any business and can be approached from different perspectives. Solidus Capital helps the corporates in Business Development by taking strategic business decisions, increasing revenues, growth in terms of business expansion and profitability by building strategic partnerships.

Solidus Capital helps in the creation of long-term value for an organization from customers, markets and relationships. It helps a business enhance production by fundraising and providing them the working capital. Additionally, Solidus Capital helps in growing a business by performing market research about the industry in which they are, geographical area covered, market segmentation and then implementing strategies and techniques accordingly, making it more competitive, expanding products or services reach, focusing on specific current markets, suggesting latest research and development techniques and sometimes best peer practices. Solidus Capital does this with the help of a sound network of professionals across industry, esteemed business industrial houses, bureaucrats, regulators and great negotiation skills, since any successful business development effort relies on an underlying foundation of strong relationship.

Business Development is not about getting rich, quick schemes and I-win-you-lose tactics that create a value that’s gone tomorrow as easily as it comes today. It’s about creating values to succeed in a consistently growing organization and opportunities to persist over a long term. It is about setting-up and managing strategic relationships and alliances with the third party companies. In these, the companies may leverage other company’s expertise, technologies or other Intellectual property to expand capabilities for identifying, analyzing and bringing in new business/products/opportunities to market. It focuses on implementation of strategic business plan, financing – both Debt/Equity, Acquisitions or Divestiture. Any successful business development effort relies on an underlying foundation of strong relationships.

Further, Solidus Capital helps in designing strategies that provide a competitive advantage. With Business Development, it entails tasks and processes to develop and implement growth opportunities within and between organizations. We have a dedicated Business Development support team which focuses on:

Identification of active business opportunities

Warm leads identification

Reaching out to new clients


Market exposure

STRATEGIC INITIATIVES: They are “strategic intents” aimed towards stakeholders aspiring transformation and alignment of the organization by delivering enhanced results. They define an objective and focus on change. This is an ongoing process helping in increasing value. They play an important role in proactive research into issues aimed at improving effectiveness and overall efficiency of the corporation.


The current global economic downturn has forced many companies to think beyond their typical market boundaries and invest in other developing economies. Adapting new technologies and business ideas from developed economies and incorporating these into developing economies vide strategic initiatives shall open up economic outlook beyond boundaries. That is, wherein strategic initiatives by Solidus Capital play a vital role.


That is, wherein Solidus Capital plays a vital role by suggesting corporates to incorporate Strategic Initiatives. These Strategic initiatives have defined objectives, linkages, scopes, descriptions and deliverables. Key milestones and task dates are incorporated outlining top 4-10 deadlines. It’s the marriage of business and technology that achieves game changing outcomes. Rapid technological breakthroughs change the marketplace dynamics and enhancing the opportunities for smaller regions to grow.

Strategic initiatives also aim in bringing products/services/technological changes into India’s emerging markets. This helps the company in enhancing its top-line, market share, minimizing exposure to volatility and risks associated with it. Best peer practices worldwide are learned and implemented suiting the Indian life requirements.