Restructuring & Reorganization


In the fast growing corporate scenario, day-to-day legal reforms, a corporate needs to adapt itself to the desired changes. There are a lot of complicated issues or generic reasons that the company might be facing due to its current structure and ways of functioning, which might be harmful for the Company in long run.


Solidus Capital plays a vital role in designing strategies that can enable the company to have a competitive edge over their competitors in any industry. It advises on restructuring of a firm by reducing its size vide reorganizing the legal ownership, operational and other structures of a company. This makes the company more profitable or better organized for its present needs, when it is jeopardized.

Solidus Capital helps the corporates transform vide the following:

  • Restructuring of a firm’s operations in order to concentrate on core business activities, where the company’s strength lies and outsource the peripheral activities
  • Combination of two/more organizational units, resulting in a new entity in which combined unit remains essentially intact
  • Turnaround Management of a company by looking into the real internal strengths
  • Re-adjustment of a firm’s debt & capital structure on better terms and conditions, preventing it from becoming an NPA
  • Restructuring of a firm’s balance sheet, when it has become an NPA, but before being taken to NCLT for a Resolution Plan
  • Reorganizing the legal ownership, operational or other structures of a company for the purpose of making it more profitable or better organized for its present needs

There are many tools and strategies by or through which Corporate Restructuring can be processed like – amalgamations, mergers, demergers, reverse mergers, takeovers, acquisitions, joint ventures, disinvestments, buyback of shares, financial restructuring, buy-outs and strategic alliances.